As a business owner, one of the things I hate is when a website does not publish their prices. It generally seems like a ploy to get to talk directly to me so that they can pressure me into a sale.

With that said, it is virtually impossible to quote a price on website design without first speaking to the potential customer. Each website is different. For obvious reasons, a one-page website is far cheaper to design than an elaborate website with hundreds of pages. The wants and needs of each customer is taken into consideration to come up with a proposal. Thus, we have to speak with you before we can quote you a realistic price for your website design. However, as the owner of the company, I can promise you that we will never try to pressure you into a sale. We will gather your information, work up an idea for the design, then present you with a proposal. If you like our price and proposal, you can contact us and will work out the payment details and get started on your site. If you aren't happy with our proposal or price, let us know and we will try to make changes and make you happy. Alternatively, you can simply let us know that you are no longer interested and we promise not to bother you again. 

When it comes to paying for your website, we offer a few options. As always, you may choose to pay for your website in full. You may either do this up front, or you may pay half up front and half upon completion of your website.

Alternatively, you may choose to pay monthly for your website if the site is hosted with us. We will split the cost of the website design up over 6-12 months. This will be added to your hosting charges and will be due monthly. We do not charge any interest or financing charges for this method. Given the nature of this agreement, your website will be suspended should your account become delinquent.

C-Squared Media offers affordable hosting packages for your new website. Websites hosted with us will have access to your own personal content management system, allowing you to make updates to your website quickly and easily. Alternatively, C-Squared Media also offers complete website management packages. Contact us for details.

As a website design customer, you also have the option of hosting your website elsewhere. This option is available for any website that has been paid for in full and any in which the monthly payments have been completed. Just keep in mind that you will not have access to the content management system if your website is hosted elsewhere, as the system resides on our servers.

So reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for. We will do our best to come up with the perfect website design for you at a competitive price. We look forward to becoming your website design partner.

~ Chris Anderson, Owner